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Talented Footballers Who Are Also Veteran Gamblers

Professional footballers are not unacquainted with the thrills and rewards of gambling. Many talented football players engage in gambling activities.

The best football players in the world play at prestigious casinos throughout the world. Operators such as Griffon Casino reviewed games for football players and fans to enjoy limitless hours of entertainment online.

Matthew Etherington

Matthew was born in Truro, Cornwall, and he has an extensive career as a footballer, making his debut at age 15 for Peterborough. He has also made appearances in the Premier League. Fans only became aware of his gambling activities while he represented West Ham United, with some reports of him gambling with more than £1.5 million at a time.

Kenny Sansom

Samson made his debut for Arsenal against West Bromwich Albion way back in 1980. He also represented the England football teams. Stories of his life as a gambler only recently emerged. He spoke about his history of gambling at age 54 in a recent interview.

Paul Merson

Paul Merson is a former Arsenal player, football manager, and sports television presenter for Sky Sports. He has made countless appearances at prestigious casinos across the world, and some reports suggest that he spends millions of pounds on gambling annually.

Michael Chopra

He is most famously known as the first British Asian player to participate in the world-renowned English Premier League. He also played for Sunderland and Newcastle United during his career. Chopra claimed in an interview that he often gambled as much as £30,000 when he was on the road with the Newcastle United team.

Eidur Gudjohnsen

Gudjonsson played for Chelsea, and he had a lengthy and successful career on the pitch. His favourite casino games include blackjack and roulette. He is also known to have spent millions of pounds on gambling throughout his football career.

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