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Top 10 Wealthiest Footballers in Europe

Most aspiring footballers dream of becoming the best in the world. Some players do not only achieve greatness out on the field but have gone on to enter the league of the rich and famous. These European players have bank accounts that will make most people drool.

1.      Cristiano Ronaldo – £530 million

Towards the end of 2021, the famed footballer Cristiano Ronaldo was ranked at the No 4 spot among the world’s richest celebrities in the world. Ronaldo has also invested in the hospitality industry. He currently holds first place as the wealthiest football player to ever walk the pitch, with an estimated net worth of £530 million. 

2.      Zlatan Ibrahimovic – £155 million

Ibrahimovic currently represents the Italian football club AC Milan. He has played for several clubs throughout his career, and he has been responsible for some of the most expensive player signings in transfer history. With a net worth of roughly £155 million, he is one of the richest players to ever represent a European football club.

3.      Neymar Jr. – £150 million

Neymar is currently the fourth wealthiest football player in the world. He represents the Paris Saint-Germain team, and he is also the seventh richest celebrity in the world. He made his reputation playing for Barcelona, helping them win the La Liga and Champions League. With a net worth of £150 million, he will likely settle into a comfortable retirement.

4.      Wayne Rooney – £130 million

With an estimated net worth of £130 million pounds, Rooney has been one of the wealthiest football players to grace the pitch for more than a decade. Reports suggest that his salary at DC United is roughly £2.6 million. The English player has signed deals with multiple billion-dollar companies like EA Sports, Nike, Coca-Cola, and Samsung.

5.      Gareth Bale – £102 million

Bale made waves early on in his career, currently representing Real Madrid. He was named the player of the year in 2011. His estimated net worth sits at about £102 million, and this makes him the fifth wealthiest European player in the world.

Football is a game of skill, but some of the best players in the world have proven that it can also be one of the most financially rewarding sports out there. Follow more articles like these via the Bacup Borough Football Club.

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